Treat yourself to a world-class meal at Resorts World

Forget about moderation. Las Vegas is about over-the-top opulence and glamor.  Newly opened celebrity hotspot Wally’s Wine & Spirits at Resorts World is giving us just that with its 200-day, dry-aged rib-eye steak imported from Fleishers in Brooklyn. The ultra-exclusive cut sells for $1,000. 

First, the gorgeously marbled meat is cooked over almond wood and Bichotan Japanese charcoal before it's seasoned with truffle salt and black pepper.  Grilled broccolini, potato pomme Anne, and freshly shaved truffles complete the meal.

The menu also features Wally’s $100 chicken which comes with smashed fingerling potatoes, broccoli, and truffle chicken jus.  Or, you might be tempted by the $35 Truffle Bolognese, which showcases veal & truffle ragu bianco, vesuviotti pasta, aged parmesan, and shaved truffle. For dessert, try the $16 Peaches & Cream made with peaches, almond peach blondie, vanilla mousse, peach tea syrup, almond crumble, and peach gelato. 

Wally's is also known for its extensive cheese and charcuterie menu, where you can find delicacies like Brillat Savarin cheese from France and a $975 caviar platter. 

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